About us

Green Forest-Our Story
July 10, 2021 release

Hi! Welcome to the green forest, thank you for letting us tell our story.
Nowadays, there are many electronic brands with rich colors and diverse materials on the market. At this time, we mainly focus on simplicity, solid color and comfortable use. This is also a unique personality.

Where did we get the idea for this name?
The concept of "green forest" is particularly suitable for our new brand, because we use it as a name, not only can represent high-quality electronic products, but also represent more levels, including respect and tolerance for values, such as nature and society. Our vision is to create a simple and comfortable electronic brand with positive influence as the core. For us, forests represent the essence of nature and sustainable development. We firmly believe that we can influence users and their perceptions of nature.

What products do we have in stock?
Through our research, we released several data cables and mobile phone cases. They are made of silicone and leather and feel very comfortable. We control it according to strict quality.

We hope you will consider supporting our start-up company. Whether you are buying a simple product for yourself or a comfortable gift for your family, we hope you can consider buying a forest to express your love for nature.